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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Dod instructions

Instructions and Help about Dod instructions

Hi this is Darrell tonneau of solutions reservoir and welcome to cybersecurity in the US Department of Defense part three of our three-part cybersecurity tutorial these videos follow the more comprehensive and timely material on solutions reservoir website as before pause on slides with yet grounds to review reference material part one was an introduction to cyber security and part two discussed the US government's role in the field part three looks at key references and focuses on the DoD and its cybersecurity alignment with other parts of the government exemplified by the adoption of nist SP 853 as the basis for security controls for national security systems and SS which include DoD systems also discuss how security controls are tailored for NSS looking at CNS si 12:53 like we did for SP 853 in part two the alignment of DoD systems was driven by a cross governmental working group the JTF here are examples of alignments and changes fostered by this group note that some of the items on the left side like daya cap remain well known terms exist on the internet for a long time key reference documents will discuss our department of defense instruction 8,500 oh one who's subject is cybersecurity and DOD 85 1001 the RMF for DOD IT we covered nist SP 853 in part two so we'll only touch on it here it is a fundamental reference to the more visible si NSA 1253 the website has links for all of these terms from information assurance to cybersecurity was called out in DoD I 8500 l1 which is largely a policy document merely by reference it incorporates a number of standards they're listed in its first appendix called enclosure 1 for example enclosure 1 calls out these three standards which we saw in part 2 not the reference label for this one CH after being listed in enclosure 1 standards or documents are referred to by these labels as a policy document 8500 o1 calls out these other two fundamental documents DoD eighty-five 1001 is where the new risk management framework for DoD IT supplanted the Daiya cap 85 10 also incorporates by reference a number of standards including these enclosure 3 RMF procedures discusses the use of security requirements guides and security technical implementation guides SR G's and Stig's and enclosure 6 addresses the core of the RMF for DoD IT I've placed discussions of enclosures 3 & 6 including overviews of SR G's and Stig's on the following reference ID after which we'll look at the stepwise process of the RMF for DoD IT here's the stepwise process of the risk management framework for DOD information systems and platform IT systems should you encounter an old diet cap diagram this is what replaced it we'll come back to it in a moment but look how similar it is to the RMF discussed in part 2 note the same six steps in the RMF outlined in SP 837 note the proviso.

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