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Army Load Plan regulation Form: What You Should Know

Dec 31, 2023 — If a manual load plan is required, use a certificate for all non-critical components (the)  and for all vehicles, including the M113, M1032 or M112 vehicles that will be used for non-critical loads (the) to establish each individual vehicle load plan (the) of the vehicle load planning and documentation (the) and for all vehicles, including the , or vehicles that will be used for non-critical loads (the) to establish individual vehicle load plans (the) of the vehicle load planning and documentation (the) of the component loads (the) 4. Use the DD Form 2130, Load/Sequence Worksheet for each vehicle load plan. 4. Use the LOADS form, also available on page 3, at the beginning of your planning and detailing for each load. 4. Do not use DFA Form 1450 for load planning and detailing to comply with this document. Load Planning and Demonstration, Section IV Ammunition — Ammunition/Weapons/Ejection Systems 1. Equipment a. Equipment type and number. 1. Load-carrying vehicle. 2. Load-bearing equipment. 3. Lifting equipment (cargo vehicle). 4. Lifting equipment (vehicle or airship). 5. Lifting equipment (ground vehicle). 6. Manned lifting equipment carrying vehicle. 8. Load-carrying or carrying vehicles (military) Ammunition — Ammunition/Weapons/Ejection Systems Ensure load plan contains space for the following components. (a) Cartridge, shell, or primer. (b) Shrapnel. Explosive charge. (d) Ammunition. (e) Ejection system. (f) Fuse. (g) Ammunition assembly. Figure H₁ Do not use DFA Form 1450 for load planning and detailing to comply with this document. Cartridge, shells, or primers Ammunition — Ammunition/Weapons/Enforced Ejection Systems Ensure all vehicles are ready and equipped to receive each component of the EAD system. (a) Each EAD system must be designed in accordance with this section or Army Regulation (AR) 4330.10-M5.

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