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How does the usability and cognitive load of hollow icons compare to filled icons?
Chalk this one up to "finding reasons to bash iOS7 because it's hip and cool to".Bobby Solomon is right to be skeptical and his points about the human ability to memorise a large number of shapes (be they icons or Chinese logograms) ring true.Still, that's not to say there is zero merit to Aubrey Johnson's argument, just that the evidence following from his initial premise is so inadequate as to be misguided.Let's back up a bit: the initial premise is the difference between hollow and filled icons. Now, instead of jumping straight to cool-sounding buzzwords such as cognitive load, let's retrace our steps and look at how the images are processed in the eye: e.g. Edges and Edge Detection Part 1: Neurology. And before long we're talking about the biology of the Retina and crazy things like Difference of Gaussians.Note that we still have not arrived at an answer yet. We still need to determine whether the hollow shape or the filled one allows us to better identify the edges, and hence the shape of the icon or object.As you continue to read through Daniel Maidman's series of articles though: Edges and Edge Detection Part 2: A Word from Harold SpeedEdges and Edge Detection Part 3: The Funny PagesEdges and Edge Detection Part 4: The GeniusI wouldn't blame you for arriving at the conclusion that the whole debate is more about art rather than science, which is really how I feel about the whole thing.
How do you fill out a balance sheet for a business plan?
You can't just fill out a business plan as you need to construct it from the whole set of information that includes the profit and loss account and other items. A layman will not be able to do this properly so seek out a friend who can give you the advice on how to prepare a proper plan. Doing it in an amateur way will not impressed anyone.
How much are you supposed to fill a front load washing machine?
Will I need to fill out the ETIAS (new European Union visa regulation) every time I travel to a EU country? Are can I just fill it out ones and it's valid for life time?
The answer is somewhere inbetween.Each ETIAS will be valid for 3 years from the date of issue (or until the expiry date of the travel document).Full details can be found at: ETIAS - European Travel Information and Authorisation System
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