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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Container load plan form

Instructions and Help about Container load plan form

Welcome to simple Stowe tutorial in this short video we will show you how to enter containers in the Bey plan using their equipment IDs this is one of many methods of stowing containers in the Bey plan the essence of this method is that you enter containers ID number directly in the cell and the program looks it up in the cargo list and Stowe's that container in the Bey plan before using that method containers data including equipment ID numbers must be entered or imported from a file into the cargo list and simple stow to make this method work you must make sure that the setting check equipment ID is turned on to stow a container with known ID number double-click the cell where you want that container to be loaded alternatively you can use the cargo properties command in the right mouse menu in the cargo properties form that will open start typing in container number in the equipment ID field when entering the container number note that the background in the data field turns red the program verifies correctness and completeness of the number when you are typing the red background means that the number and current state is incomplete or incorrect as soon as you enter complete and correct number the background will turn white again if a container with a number is present in the cargo list the program will immediately populate all other data fields in the cargo properties form with characteristics of that container you can review and edit container data if needed that will be reflected back in the cargo list if you have finished entering the equipment ID but the cargo properties form is not immediately populated that means there is no such a container with a number in the cargo list if you want you can manually enter missing characteristics of that container in the cargo properties form then that container will be added in the cargo list automatically when you are done with that container click in another cell that will load the container and present you with the blank form for another cell to load next container you don't have to close the cargo properties form to enter next container in another cell keep it opened until you enter all the containers that you need when done click OK button to close the dialog more details on different methods of loading containers and simple stove you can find in the section stowage of cargo in the program's online help.

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